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Ramadan in Turkey

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Tourism witnesses its high seasons during vacations especially in summers and mid-year vacations, people rarely prefer to spend Ramadan outside their country. But it’s completely different if we mention turkey. Turkey is a special touristic country, this enables it competing big touristic countries, and in addition, Ramadan is very special in Turkey.

Ramadan in turkey may be special because it is not an Arabic country or Islamic one, at the same time it is not a European country too, but it keeps all the Islamic and Arabic traditions, it combines between western civilizations but with Arabian taste. That’s why Ramadan is considered to be a special touristic season in turkey; there are many people who prefer to spend Ramadan in different places to discover different cultures.

Turkey is famous with its old mosques which are about 85 thousands mosque, and despite of their amazing appearance, they are special in Ramadan with lighting minarets from Ma3’reb till Fajr. The mosques are crowded by worshipers especially Sultan Ahmed mosque which accommodates many worshipers who can inter the mosque through 5 doors.

What makes Ramadan a special event in turkey is the concept of Iftar in groups, as the Turkish government supports this idea a lot; it prepares many of “mawaed El rahman” not only to feed poor people but also to allow people get closer. People in each district; make a long table to have “Iftar” with each other, they find it a good and effective way of communication. Turkey is famous of its markets, in Ramadan markets are special with their Ramadan Turkish products, which are the best and exported to many countries.

Turkish government also care about religious part especially in this month, and increasing the religious culture through broadcasting religious programs and series and making book fairs with religious books, they also make religious, cultural and scientific seminars and lectures. Turkish also cares a lot about religious rites like praying, fasting and reading the qura’an.

Many reasons make Ramadan a very special event in turkey which may encourage you to have a very special trip to turkey in Ramadan.


You can enjoy a special trip through spending Ramadan in Turkey, where you can enjoy all Islamic traditions and praying in old mosques, which will guarantee you a spiritual trip.