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Ramadan Umrah in Mövenpick Hotel Hajar Tower

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A few days lift to the holy month of Ramadan and here are the Muslims are getting prepared to head to AL-Haram to perform umrah as Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said (Umrah in Ramadan is Equivalent to Hajj) what means it equalizes it in the reward only.

So, as Murabahat is keen to your provide you convenience, we provide Hajer tower units for its prime location close to the Haram where it directly overlooks the Haram al-Sharif.

Hajar Tower Features

  • Hotel services at the highest level (5 stars),
  • Hajar Tower is one of the Swiss Movenpick International chains,
  • High level of hygiene,
  • Strong internet connection,
  • It’s located near all public facilities that may be needed by pilgrims,
  • Contains health clubs, restaurants, cafes, and a huge mall,
  • Medical services are available 24/7,
  • Powerful security and guard systems,
  • Hajar is one of the most famous hotels in Mecca.

Book your unit during the year and enjoy the special offers offered by Murabahat to ensure comfort and privacy during Ramadan.