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Real Estate Development Arab Bank for the Arab Countries to Enhance Real Estate Sector

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As the Arab countries try to enhance and develop the real estate sector to achieve a great step in the field of investment to revive the economy, an Arab conference for constructing and real estate investment was held. However, the Arab countries participate in it to develop the real estate sector in the Arab world.

Countries that attend the Conference

There are five Arab countries that take part in the real estate investment conference that was held in the Jordanian capital Amman. They are Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Libya.

The Results of the Conference and What they agreed upon

  • Having an Arab bank for real estate development to fund the real estate projects, the construction projects, and the development projects that will be done in the Arab world,
  • Unite the economical laws that organize the real estate investment,
  • Implement a strategic plan that covers all the cities,
  • Applying an administrative and legislative separation while implementing the urban planning for each country,
  • Increase the cooperation between the public sector and the private sector to allow the investors to have a role while taking the decisions that are related to both sectors (public & private) which of course will affect the size of investment.

The duties of the Arab real estate bank will include funding all the aspects that are related to real estate and constructions.

Also, it is has been agreed upon that it is vital to have an investment plan for every Arab country to allow the investors to know the available projects as a step to solve the obstacles and the problems that may face them.