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Real estate investment in Turkey

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Turkey is currently experiencing a boom in the investment sectors and real estate investment sector is one of the most important sectors due to the issuance of laws that have helped the growth of this type of investment as well as the prime location and unique climate where is the real estate sector in Turkey, 19.5% of its GDP and Real estate return up to 12%. Here are the top boom factors of real estate investment sector in Turkey.


Today, Turkey is one of the most stable countries in the region due to the many revolutions in the Middle East countries, which allowed it the opportunity to establish a number of real estate projects and welcome more than 30 million tourists per year from various Arab and European countries.

Real estate laws

The Turkish government has enacted some of the real estate laws which led to the recovery of the real estate market and attract many foreign investors, allowing real estate investment for more than 138 nationalities and provide many facilities such as:

  • appropriatepricesof real estateandlandswhereallthe global economicstatisticsindicate the availability ofreal estatewith the most favorable pricesinTurkeycompared to other countries.
  •  issuance of Law Decree No. 1751 dated 8 October 2013 to hand over a document of real estate ownership within three days.

Large real estate projects

Due to economic recovery in Turkey several large real estate projects has established, prompting many real estate companies to invest through these projects, such as Venus Residence project in Istanbul’s European side, Aydos Country project, Istanbul Saraylari project and many other projects.


Due to economic transformation in Turkey, real estate investment sector has witnessed rapid growth, making it attracts many foreign and Arab investors to invest and establishment of numerous real estate projects with cofactors for the development of this sector.
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