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Real Estate … A Stable Market or Not?

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Most of us think that real estate market or investing in real estate is not a good thing at all especially after floating the Egyptian pound and the cruel economic crises that we all suffer from. That’s why most of us think that real estate market is not that stable and investing in it, is a huge risk and a money loss.

On the contrary, real estate and investing in it even all the surrounding circumstances is considered as the best choice ever. As the statistics show that real estate is the most secured thing ever. For example, as a real estate investor, the prices of real estate are in a constant increment. So, if you own a building that costs one million pound. So, now it will be two millions. This will be a huge profit for you. On the contrary, if the prices do not increase, it will remain as it is but it will not decrease. However, in both cases, there is not risks in compare to any other field of investment.

Another side to be tackled concerning areas of real estate investment is that most of us think that a profitable investment will be in the populated areas only. On the contrary, investing in the remote or unpopulated areas is more profitable as these areas will attract infrastructure and real estate projects in the future like: 6 of October city, Sheikh Zayed, Rehab, and many others. At the beginning, these were remote areas but now it become populated areas with the needed services and facilities.


The above was just some important hints or the common believes about real estate investment; as an attempt to correct the mistaken believes about real estate investment.