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Real Estate Supply and Demand

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We used to hear lots of terms and expressions concerning real estate which we already tackled before. But, there is a common term called “Real Estate Supply and Demand” and its impact on real estate market. There is a consensual or a positive relation between supply and demand and the real estate movement which consequently affect the prices of the properties.

Here, supply here means the percentage of real estate (properties) that are offered for sale of rent even it is a residential one, a commercial one, or for investment. But, demand means the needed real estate and the turnout or the percentage of tenants or buyers.

How to get Benefit from Real Estate Supply and Demand?

It is worth to mention that one can get benefit from such supply and demand, but at first one shall know the purpose from a certain property. If it is for investment, one can invest in properties and lands as it can be considered as valuable product; and even its prices do not increase, it will not decrease. So, you can invest in real estate and offer your property for sale to gain profit from the monthly rental price. However, in case of recession, you will guarantee having a stable income from the rental price.

However, if you purpose from your property is a personal one and you want to live in it, you shall search for the suitable property and collect the information about other properties in the same area to avoid real estate fraud.


Real estate is like any other field or product. It has its own supply and demand and also it has a great effect on real estate movement!