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Real estate in Turkey

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The field of real estate is one of the most active fields in turkey especially after allowing foreigners to owe their properties, which developed the real estate investment there. Due to the religious and cultural rapprochement between Arab and Turkish people, many Arab owe their properties in turkey, not only with the aim of investing but to stay there too.

Large percentage of the Arab owe properties in turkey, the Kuwaitis come in the first place, then Saudi and then Iraqi.

How to get a property?

It’s known that real estate prices in turkey is high, but new laws and regulations make it easier to have your own property with prices start from 60 thousand dollar. Foreign ownership law make it easier for foreigners to owe properties in turkey, but the foreign should only submit a request to the army, so they can make sure if the property location represent any danger to the country or not, and if a company of organization is the party who will buy the property, so it should submit the request to the government, the approval come after month to 3 months. For renting the property you should only put the money through the bank.

Best places to buy properties

Istanbul is ranked as the first city in which foreigners buy properties; prices are based on services and transportation and how far the touristic places. In general   Arab prefers to owe properties in famous places in turkey and some locations in the European side.

Why real estate field is prosperous in turkey?

Back to the laws and regulations which make it easier to owe a property even when you are foreigner. Moreover they care about developing services, transportation and infrastructure. And although Turkish people affected a lot of those regulations because it led to raising the prices, but the real estate field in general became more dynamic after those laws.


The Turkish real estate market has a lot of advantages which open many opportunities to invest there and even stay.