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Residential and Commercial Properties: Pros and Cons

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Whether you’re an owner or a customer (tenant or buyer), you need to be aware of all pros and cons of both residential and commercial properties.

Here, Murabahat will tackle some of these specifications.

Firstly, Residential Properties:


If you’re an owner it wouldn’t be a problem to sell or rent your property as the demand on residential properties is high and in a permanent increment, unlike the commercial properties which may face recession for a while.


Properties owners usually face problems with tenants as they don’t commit to paying the monthly rent in time and may not leave the property at the agreed time as well. Also, sometimes they cause some damages to the property thus, the owner spend more money on the maintenance works.

Secondly, Commercial Properties:


Regularly, properties owners don’t find problems with the monthly rent regarding the commercial properties, as the tenants usually specify the monthly rent amount from every month profit.

Commercial properties contracts are long-term ones which make the owner not in a permanent searching for new tenants. In addition to continuously gaining the monthly rent.


It’s not so easy to find tenants for commercial properties as they are high-cost properties. So, the owners ought to pay the operational and services costs till they find a new tenant. It’s even harder if the owner tries to sell it as investors prefer to rent such type of properties.

Murabahat for real estate solutions always helps you to reach the safest investment.