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Sharia and Real Estate Investment

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Islamic law (Sharia) is considered an integrated system and a straight approach to all aspects of life, so a large number of real estate investment companies is seeking to establish projects based on the principles of Islamic law to ensure the rights of owners, investors and customers.

How Islamic law consistent with real estate investment

Last period has proved the success of the help of Islamic law principles for various real estate projects all over the world and these principles depends on several important factors such as:

1.Consideration of benefit for allindividuals andnon-infringement ofrights throughillegalways.
2. Using of the financial markets, and avoiding usury, monopoly and fraud.
3. Using of Sukuk systems, which helps to increase investment and breadth of operations to establish new projects that help to stimulate the economy and prosperity, which serves all members of society and this is what large companies do such as Murabahat company. Its investment depends on Sukuk systems.
4. Establishment of useful real estate projects to serve members of society, whether for work or study or recreation.
5. Partnership between the investor and the client and this Partnership produces the desired interdependence.


According to the principles of Islamic Sharia as mentioned above we can realize their compatibility with the real estate investment to promote various projects and achieve the desired profits.
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