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Slums Development

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Slums problem is not a minor problem anymore. Nowadays, slums become the home for almost one billion people around the world. So, if we could not solve such problem as soon as possible, it is expected that the number of slums’ residents will reach to 3 billion people around the world by 2050. The state shall search for new creative ideas and solutions that can be applied, practically, to solve such problem. That’s why, donation and individual initiatives are simple example for solving such problem; and of course you will be the first one who will get benefit from it.

To solve this problem, first we shall know the causes of such problem and try to put solutions to solve it.

The Causes

  1. Migration from the countryside to the urban places to find suitable job,
  2. Caring more about urban places rather than rural places,
  3. Not applying severe actions and taking suitable decisions to stop the expansion of such slums,
  4. Overpopulation,
  5. The properties’ high prices and there is not any reasonable price for slums’ residents.

Problems of Slums

  1. It is illegal and does not have any services or public facilities for the citizens,
  2. It is considered as a theft for the public land. Besides, it requires and consumes high electrical power,
  3. Slums affects the real estate market and the surrounding areas; negatively and directly,
  4. It threats the security of the society; socially, economically, and of course the health aspect,
  5. Increase the rates of the crime,
  6. Spread of diseases,
  7. Low level of education.

Solving the Slums Problem

  1. Plan to build new cities and villages,
  2. Develop and re-divide the ownership of the lands,
  3. Build suitable houses that suit the low-income people,
  4. Re-plan and re-build the cities while bearing in mind to give all the citizen an equal housing facility,
  5. Apply legislation of urban planning,
  6. Develop the cities and establish suitable housing in the desert,
  7. Facilitate the terms and the conditions of having long-term real estate loans.


Reconstructing and developing the cities is an important step to he develop the society. However, the state shall bear in mind the slums’ residents to provide them with suitable houses.