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Steps: Establish your Real Estate Investment Company

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We tackled before the importance of investing in real estate even in the Gulf or the Arab world as it is the safest investment in case of economic deterioration as there is a constant need for residential units even the price of the properties is high or low.

So, it is vital to talk about real estate investment and the way of establishing a real estate investment company.

Establishing a Company in general and a real estate investment one in particular:

  • Before tackling the steps, you shall first specify the goal of the company and put a plan, do a feasibility study, and count the costs.


  • First, you have to have a place to be the headquarter for your company, then you have to go to the Real Estate publicity Department to notarize the contract,
  • Then you have to go to the tax authority to get the company’s tax card through applying the contract that you got from the Real Estate publicity Department. Also, you have to have a copy from your ID and an electricity statement,
  • The next step is getting a permission/ license to do your job. You can get his license from the chamber of commerce via submitting the tax card, the contract that shows that you rent or own the place, and a copy from your ID,
  • The next step is to register the office in the commercial registration office according to the license you got before to practice the job,
  • Finally, registering in the social insurance office to be able to offer a social insurance to your employees.

The previous is just a clarification that shows the steps that shall be followed in case you want to establish your real estate company.