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Suffer from a Delay while Selling your Apartment?

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A lot of us expect to sell their property and get lots of buyers once deciding and offering the apartment for sale; as if the buyer wait this apartment’s in particular, to be offered for sale. But, here comes the moment that the owner wonder why after such long time he could not sell his property and could not find the suitable buyer.

The question is, do you think as an owner from the buyer point of view?

So, Murabahat for real estate solutions will tackle one of the important aspect and tell the owner what attracts the buyer and will help you to sell your property as soon as possible.

1- Apartment’s State: as an owner, you only care about the profits that you will gain from buying your apartment, but as a buyer you search for a good apartment that you will not need to pay a lot to fix its damages. So, as an owner, you have to clean your property and fix all the breakages. Also, you have to care about the smell of the house; as offering it for sale does not mean that you neglect its cleanness as the apartment’s state is a vital factor to buy it quickly,
2- Lot of Defects in the House: Lots of owners do not care about checking the house while offering it for sale, so while the buyer previews it, they find many defects which consequently the owner cannot find the suitable buyer. Besides, you can make new décors to renew the home,
3- Show the actual Size of the Apartment: You have to get rid of the extra furniture as the buyer will not feel that it is a small apartment and you will be able to show the actual size to the buyer,
4- Finally, you do not have to exaggerate in the price of the property via comparing it with the prices of other apartments in the same area as the buyer will not think that you make use of his need. Also, you have to make sure that your advertisement reaches a lot of buyers via posting in many social media channels.


As an owner, you have to think from the buyer point of view and offer your property for sale in a way that attracts the buyer to sell your property in particular.