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The best hotels in Makkah

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Every Muslim yearns to visit Makkah and enjoy the atmosphere of spirituality, so when you make the decision to make a trip for Hajj or Umrah, you are looking for the best hotels to spend away from trouble. We will show the best hotels in Makkah and the most important features of them.

 Swiss Hotel Makkah

This hotel is one of the best and most famous hotels in Makkah. It has distinctive views and to the Holy Mosque. It also has a higher level of service to satisfy all guests and meet their requirements


  1. The breadth spaces of the rooms and suites.
  2. Provide Internet service (Wi-Fi).
  3. Provide meals
  4. Approaching to the Holy Mosque.

Movenpick Hotel Hajar Tower

This hotel is one of the largest and most famous of five star hotels in Makkah, the rooms and suites are by reservation throughout the year.


  1. There is a high level of hygiene.
  2. Approaching to Kaaba and the Holy Mosque.
  3. Internet service availability.
  4. Distinctive views of Kaaba.

El Safwa Hotel

It has ideal location in Mecca, just a small distance from markets and commercial centers in Makkah.


  1. The existence of the rooms and suites of various sizes.
  2. The presence of high-quality lighting.
  3. The presence of three restaurants to provide global and different meals.
  4. The presence of a wide yard to welcome customers.

Hilton Makkah Towers Hotel

This hotel is located miles away from the Holy Mosque and enjoys the simplicity and the service is always available.


  1. The existence of a large number of rooms and suites available.
  2. Distinctive views of the Holy Mosque.
  3. Approaching to commercial centers and markets.
  4. Provide distinctive meals from different world kitchens.

Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental Hotel

This hotel is one of the finest hotels in Makkah and includes many of rooms and suites which are equipped and characterized by distinct views of the Holy Mosque.


  1. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with internet service.
  2. The daily service is available 24 hours by the highest quality in terms of a multilingual crew.
  3. The existence of a distinct restaurant to offer different meals.

Finally, we know the best hotels in Makkah and the most important characteristic of each of them. Now you can choose the right hotel for you when you make the decision to travel to Makkah.

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