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Tips from Murabahat while Selling your Property Online

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Nowadays, everything goes online as internet and social media play a great role in our daily life. Whenever anyone of us need a service or a product, the internet became the first method that comes to the mind. It became one of the effective tools in comparison with other methods. It is cheaper and does not need much effort like the old traditional ways.

However, the statistics shows that in the field of real estate, the internet (especially social media channels) plays a great role in the process of buying, selling, and renting any property. That’s why, in the following few line, Murabahat will tackle some of the important tips while selling and advertising your property online which are:

1- Simplicity

Simplicity is the core of everything. Murabahat advices you to choose simple words, never exaggerate in the chosen words, and always remember that the more simple you are, the more you can reach to the audience,

2- Details

Like any provided service or product, the user needs to each and every detail about the property that he/she going to buy. That’s why, it is vital to mention a detailed description about the property and its advantages as it eases the way for the property finder to know your property,

3- Visualization

The eye is the source of attraction and what attracts it the most, is what really argues the mind to think and take decisions. That’s why, it is vital to show and put good images of your property.


To rent or even sell any property, one have to reach a lot of audience everywhere. By doing so, one shall market his property well on the social media channels and make it easy for people to reach the contact info of the owner.