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Tips to overcome risks of real estate investment abroad

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Due to the multiple of real estate markets in all parts of the world, investors are heading to real estate projects abroad, in spite of the success of real estate projects overseas investor s may face some risks that affect their works so there are some tips should be followed to overcome these risks.

Well knowledge of taxes systems

You have to be aware of the taxes system of the real estate projects in the country, it is necessary for the investor to make inclusive study of the project and determine the proportion of profits and required costs to do a project, whether for rental or ownership.

Ask multinational companies

Investor sometimes needs the help of specialized multinational companies such as Murabahat company for real estate investment in terms of providing many different projects using new methods such as sukuk systems of partial ownership which allows the investor to rent units for several years and having possibility of utilization during this period.

The study of real estate projects abroad

Before start any project abroad, investor should study existing projects and see how successful they are to reach the best place in the investing process, whether in Arab countries or European. He can also take advantage of the investors’ experiences who have different projects abroad to see how the success of this investment.

Knowledge of the political and economic situation

When selecting a target state for a real estate project, investor should find out key information which includes political and economic aspects, since these aspects affect all investment projects and its stability.

Budget Determination

The investor should develop a comprehensive budget after a complete study of the target country, the used currency, the workers’ wages and expenses of legal procedures and agents, as this budget shows required costs to reach the desired results.


Expanding real estate investment markets everyday makes investor want to undertake projects abroad to take advantage of new projects but this requires following a few tips to overcome the probability of risks of the abroad investing.

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