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The Top 4 Countries to Invest in Properties

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No doubt that investing in real estate is one of the most successful investment methods that guarantee a great profit in the long term. So, you need to study the market well, define the best places to invest in, and the best time to buy and sell.

Here, Murabahat presents a guide for the world’s 4 top countries to invest in properties:

New York – United States

New York is considered as the top city in real estate investment as the volume of investment in the city reaches up to about 26.5$ billion. Also, being one of the most important centers of the global economy makes it the best destination for businessmen.
New York still records the highest statistics for real estate investment.

Beirut – Lebanon

Beirut which overlooks the Mediterranean coast is characterized by the green trees which spread in the city, and that’s what makes it a great destination for youth. Also, the most distinctive thing in the city is that the property prices aren’t so high according to the international standards so it suits the young investors.

Tokyo – Japan

Investing in Tokyo differs from other cities as the small flats with one room are considered as the most profitable properties to invest in due to people’s desire to buy or rent such type of properties. So, the probability of loss isn’t so high in Tokyo.

Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul location which connects Europe with Middle East countries was a reason behind the increment of foreign investment in it. That’s in addition to the development of the city.
The profit ratio in Istanbul reaches 50% of the property prices.

So, before digging into a foreign investment you need to study well and define the best places to start your investment.