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Top Tourist attractions in Turkey

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Number of arrivals tourists to Turkey annually up to nearly 35 million tourists, which making it tops the list of tourism countries where it ranked sixth among the major tourist countries. Many of the statistics also explained that most of the tourists arriving to Turkey from European countries such as Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, and France. Turkey in the recent period has seen strong demand from the Arab countries and the Gulf states. Tourist attractions in Turkey play an important role in the continuation of the pace of growth in tourism, the most important of these attractions:

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (the Blue Mosque)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, it is considered the most prominent Islamic architecture landmarks not in Turkey only but all the whole world where designs are wonderful and diverse motifs in different shapes and sizes drawn paintings on every wall of mosque walls which used Ottoman-style architecture and its various tools. This mosque is located in the Sultan Ahmed Square, which making it easy to access by using the usual means of transportation.

Hagia Sophia Museum

This is the highlight of the Museum which Byzantine state produced in Turkey. It had been created as a cathedral in Istanbul and then turned into a mosque and then a museum as distinctive religious building architect. It features a luxurious interior design with columns and marble decorations at different types and colors.

Covered market

The tourist is looking forward to buy some gifts, luggage and that’s what provided the covered market and its area of 30,000 m2. It can accommodate half a million people a day and provide many of the requirements and gifts of different ores.

Bosphorus Bridge

Many tourists prefer cruises in the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Bosphorus Bridge is considered of the most famous outstanding bridges in the world. Its length reaches to 1510 meters, and the width of the surface to 39 meters.

Dolma Sultan Pasha Palace

Dolma Pasha Palace is located on the European shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul and has a privileged position among the various tourist attractions where it dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

Finally we got now on the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, which making Turkey a competitor country of International Tourism states.

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