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Tourism in kuwait

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Kuwait is one of the oldest and most important countries in the Arab gulf. Kuwait is famous for its touristic attractions which offer services according to the international standards to tourists who visit it from all over the world and to foreigners which reside in Kuwait.  Because of the variety of the nationalities of the residents of Kuwait, this have influenced the culture of the country and the touristic services associated with it, making it one of the most culturally  diverse countries in the Arab gulf.

The most famous touristic attractions:

Kuwait city is famous for its touristic attractions which vary from museums and  luxurious hotels alongside the corniche in addition to lots of beautiful beaches.  Kuwait also offers you a collection of the most luxurious shopping malls for shopping lovers as a well as lots of art galleries spread all over the country.

The avenues mall

The biggest and most famous mall in Kuwait. It is located in Kuwait city and it contains some of the most famous brands worldwide. This mall offers you the best shopping experience as it contains all kinds of stores which help you to find anything you might need. The mall was designed with very luxurious architecture which makes it an excellent place for spending time.

Al Mubarkyah market

An old market located in the middle of the city and a historical place. This market offers all kinds of products in reasonable prices; it is an open air market which is preferred to be visited at late times when the weather is not so hot to enjoy the shopping experience to the maximum.

The grand mosque

One of the most important mosques in Kuwait. It is famous for its large size and its perfect location in the city of Kuwait. In Ramadan, praying in this mosque is an exceptional spiritual experience which brings lots of peace upon the prayers.

The house of mirrors

The only house in the world covered entirely with mirrors and mosaics. It’s an exceptional place to visit according to its visitors.

Tareq Rajab museum for Islamic art

The museum includes a collection of Islamic antiques in addition to lots of rare manuscripts and it’s the most important museum in Kuwait.

Marina mall

A five star mall which contains all the important brands as well as a view of the sea since its right next to the gulf.
The previous attractions are just a small part of what Kuwait can offer its visitors. We recommend you to visit Kuwait on your next trip or begin discovering it if you already live there.