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Touristic Real Estate Investment

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As any investment, investing in the touristic properties/real estate needs a full survey and a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of real estate market.

So, in the following few lines, Murabahat will present some tips concerning touristic real estate investment and its importance.

Things you need to do before Digging into such Investment:

  1. Study the market well and get to know which season is a touristic peak one in order to focus on marketing your property in such period,
  2. Define the most wanted places such as Ain Sokhna, Ras Sedr, and Marsa Matrouh which are expected to have a great chance in the real estate market,
  3. Determine the most wanted type of properties either chalets or villas,
  4. Choosing under construction properties is better than the constructed ones as you’ll not have to pay a huge amount of money, while you’ll be able to get it via installment. Also, the price of these properties increased highly once building it.

What Distinguishes Investing in Touristic Real Estate:

  1. The price of touristic properties increased in compare to the residential properties,
  2. The proportion of the demand on the touristic properties is high especially the rental ones. Accordingly, if you’re lucky enough to rent your property more than one time in the tourism peak season, you’ll absolutely gain a great profit in a short time,
  3. If you’re going for rent, then you’ll not have to prepare the property with luxury furniture and huge electrical appliances as any tenant will not spend more than one week on it and most of the time he’ll be out there enjoying his vacation.


The prices of the properties are in a steadily increment. That’s why we recommend you to invest in touristic real estate.