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Turkish city of Istanbul

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Istanbul is the capital of turkey and one of the most important cities in the European continent. Istanbul is famous for its history which makes it full of museums and historical places. In addition to its exceptional history the contemporary city of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. In addition to its beautiful architecture and gardens, it is also full of activities which will leave you no free time when you visit it. Below are some of the most famous touristic attractions in Istanbul:

Aya sofia

The most important and most famous touristic attraction in Istanbul. Aya sofia was originally built as a church but later it was transformed into a mosque and then into a museum which is visited by thousands of tourists because of its architecture, history and religious importance. As you enter the mosque and look up you will see a beautiful mosaic of Christ above the largest door. Inside of the mosque, you will be able to see its door in addition to lots of beautiful gold mosaics. If you go upstairs you will find lots of galleries that are worthy of visiting.

Topkapi palace

Topkapi is a large palace in Istanbul that was the primary residence of the ottoman sultans. It has an authentic entrance called “imperial gate” through which you can enter to the hall of the palace. It also contains two courtyards. This palace is huge and luxurious and it shouldn’t be missed when visiting Istanbul.


Basilica Cistern

Is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul. It was built using 336 columns. Its symmetry is amazing and its cavernous depths are a perfect hide place in hot summer days. Tourists from all over the world come to walk along its wooden platforms and sense the moisture in the place.

At night, Istanbul is transformed into a place that is full of life. Lots of concerts which tourists attend take place and there are also lots of luxurious restaurants with beautiful views where you can spend the night. There are also lots of unique art galleries. Istanbul is a beautiful city during night and day which has made it one of the most important touristic attractions in Europe.