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Types of Interior Finishing

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While searching for the suitable apartment, you frequently see lots of advertisements for semi-finished apartments, unfinished ones, or even fully finished.

In the following, Murabahat will tackle the types of interior finishing in detail.

  1. Unfinished: the red brick is the only thing in this type of apartments,
  2. Semi Finished: The apartment has plaster, lining for doors and windows, sanitation and electricity,
  3. Fully Finished: The apartment has electricity pipes and wires, basic plumbing, any type of carpentry, paints, and floors,
  4. Lux: The apartment is fully finished but with a poor ceramic, cheap plastic and oil paints, tacky wood for woods, basic electricity and plumbing,
  5. Super Lux: The apartment has more advanced electricity and plumbing textures than the lux finishing apartments, good types of paints, first sort ceramic and porcelain, good ores wood for doors and windows,
  6. Ultra Lux: The apartment has all electricity, plumbing include insulation materials, all basic and additional requirements, luxurious marble and parquet flooring, or imported porcelain, luxurious paints, imported woods for doors and windows,
  7. Deluxe: The apartment contains all the luxurious requirements.


If you’re looking for special finishing and a commitment in delivery time, you need to hire a finishing company.