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Types of Property Buyers

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Before indulging in the field of real estate and deciding to buy, sell, rent, or even invest in properties, one have to think well and be aware of such market and decide whether he is an investor or just need to find his need as an investor, a buyer or even a renter.

In the following few lines, MRESCO will tackle the types of property buyers and the role of each one. These types are indicated as follow:

1- A Property Finder (Normal Buyer)

A normal buyer is the person who is not an expert at all in the field of real estate. He searches for the suitable property for him to buy it. Such buyer does not have such knowledge in properties as he only has one or two deals maximum in buying and selling a property.

2- Real Estate Trader (Agent)

The real estate trader is the second type in the circle of property buyers. Such trader is larger than the normal buyer. The trader has about four or five deals. He buys an apartment or a shop to sell it within three months to gain a profit ranges from 10% to 15%.

3- Real Estate Investor

This is the third and the dominated type of property buyers. Real estate investors are the ones who lead, manage, and control the whole real estate market. They are the ones who are responsible for the increase and the decrease of real estate prices. The investors used to search for a “200%” profit.


The field of real estate is a risky market like any other market in the world. That’s why, it is vital to study it well and decide which type of buyers you are depending on your budget and your future plans.