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Urban Planning

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We heard a lot about the urban planning; many countries have an organization or a ministry responsible for the urban planning, what is the urban planning, it’s importance and how can we achieve it.

Urban planning comes in the third place after the national planning and the regional planning. Urban planning is to put a plan for a specific real place which has a problem like congestion or pollution, in order to achieve a main goal in a specific period of time. Urban planning is for an unplanned area or re-planning for an area suffers from some problems.

The importance of the urban planning represented in getting the most of the areas’ productivity, in addition to providing comfort for population and makes the best use of the place and its resources. But this is doesn’t mean that the urban planning is the ultimate solution for all the problems, but its studies the reality, try to adopt most of the problems and solve most of those problems.

Urban planning is unique because it studies the past, present and future of the area. It studies the history of the area, the changes that occurred and the urban trends and expansions of the area. Studying the history will help you understand the present’s problems and then solving them. When you study the past and the present you will be able to predict the future, making some solutions for any predictable problems.

Realism is what makes the urban planning unique, so planning should be between theoretical application and real application, in other words, the main goal of the urban planning is to serve people and providing comfort, so good planning should combines between depending on scientific theories and fitting the reality, because the urban planning is not only theories and geometrical drawings but it cares more about people and their daily lives.

As it has a direct relation with people and it touches their lives directly, the urban planning should be flexible to the maximum extent, it shouldn’t be static which is hard to change according to life changes and people’s needs and wants, but it should be flexible and changeable, by other meaning have the ability to cope with the reality. There should be one or more alternative, as we couldn’t change the whole planning to redesign only one street.

Urban planning related to people, their needs and their problems, in order to provide more comfortable life. Its importance appears in achieving goals on the long run like building some schools or hospitals in a specific period of time. Urban planning is responsible for dividing the area and deciding the place of each building, hospitals, schools, residential units and green places, in addition to constructing the infrastructure and electrical, water services.


Urban planning is linked to human evolution, so the way we apply it should fit the people’s nature, needs and wants more than just depend on scientific theories.