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Urban Sprawl and its Effect on Greenland

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All of us used to hear lots of terminology concerning real estate and lands like urban sprawl, urbanization, desertification, and many other terms that the normal citizen cannot get it well and do not know its impact on his own life. So, here we are going to tackle the “Urban Sprawl” concept and how it affects the Greenland and why we shall head to the new cities?

What is meant by Urban Sprawl?

Urban Sprawl is a term that refers to removing the fertile layer from the green land and start building. However, the over population and the greed of some real estate owners to get more money, are one of the main reasons behind the Urban Sprawl.

Risks of Urban Sprawl and its Impact on Greenland & Citizen

  1. Decrease the green areas and the spread of buildings that pave the way to desertification,
  2. Increase the rate of pollution as a result of the decrement of green lands,
  3. Being exposure to erosion and soil degradation as a result of the decrement of green lands which definitely affect the economic status of the country.

So, damaging the green lands that are arable, is considered as one of the risks that the country shall overcome by enacting laws to face this phenomena. Not only that, but also the new cities and investing in it is one of the solutions that help in solving that problem. But how?

Importance of New Cities & Encourage Investing in it?

Recently, there are new cities like fifth settlement, 6 of October, Sheikh Zayed, Rehab, and others cities that appeared as a reaction to the Urban Sprawl phenomena. Besides, it is worth to mention that even these cities are far, but it have all the needed services and facilities beside having lots of green areas that participate in clearing the air and helping you to live in a healthy pure environment. For example, Saraya, Lake View fifth settlement, Sodek October Plaza, and other projects that let you to live in calmness. Besides, at the same time, you do not participate in soil degradation or causing desertification.


New cities and living in Rehab or 6 of October is not a nightmare anymore. Now and because of the availability of the needed services, facilities, and transportation, everything become easy and at the same time we save the green lands from Urban Sprawl.