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Urban Sprawl to Fifth Settlement

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In the last few years, the real estate market has witnessed a great turnout regarding the people who tend to live in New Cairo especially Fifth Settlement as people still crawl to live and invest there; as studies have proved that it will be at the top in the next 10 years.

That’s why people wonder about this success as there are a lot of other luxurious areas in Egypt.

  • Perhaps, the answer lies in the services and facilities as in Fifth Settlement you can find all the perfect services and facilities that you may need as an individual, a company, or a business.
  • Also, the location of the city. It is away from the polluted industrial areas. This is a great reason behind the desire to live and invest there.
  • In addition to its proximity to Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • Over and above that, there are universities like the American university, sports and community centers, and clubs which make people love to live there.
  • Also, it’s characterized by having of a number of multinational banks and companies in the Teseen Street which make it an optimal location for those who work in private companies.
  • Besides, what distinct Fifth Settlement also is that it contains a lot of lands that are suitable for investment. This means that it will be at the top in the list of real estate investment in the coming period. Also, one shall not forget to mention the great urban layout and the greenery landscape.
  • Despite the increment in the prices of steel and cement, investment in real estate remains the best option for citizens due to the drop of the Egyptian currency in front of the dollar.


From the above, we conclude that the reason behind the crawling towards Fifth Settlement is due to the completion of the needed services and facilities, unlike many other new residential areas.