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Why Living in 6 October City?

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6 October city is one of the finest and most beautiful cities in Egypt and due to considering it as one of the new cities that has been built in order to reduce the population crisis, it’s characterized by having various public facilities and services with the highest quality. In addition to that, the real estate market is vital right there due to its spacious size which is almost 400 km, so the projects owners tend to build their compounds in the city.


In the following few lines, Murabahat will present the most important reasons that may lead you to live in October.

  • Firstly: The Educational Aspect
    6 October city has a lot of great universities. For instance, 6 October university, Al-Ahram Canadian university, the Modern Sciences and Arts university “MSA”, and Misr university for science and technology.
  • Secondly: The Health Aspect
    A lot of private and public hospitals are located in October city which are known for having the highest level of care and medical services. For instance, Sheikh Zayed hospital, Al-Safwa hospital, Dar Al-Fouad hospital, and the General hospital in October.
  • Thirdly: The Religious Aspect
    October city also contains a lot of worship places for both Islam and Christianity such as El-Hosary Mosque, Abu Bakr Mosque, the Church of the Virgin Mary, and the Church of the Angel.
  • Fourthly: The Entertainment Aspect
    Undoubtedly that entertainment is one of the most important aspects in the city as it contains a number of famous funfairs such as dream park, aqua park, magic land, and dream land.
    Also, there’re  lots of great malls in the city like mall of Arabia, more and more, and dandy mall.
    Furthermore, a number of distinctive clubs such as dream land golf club, and 6 October club are located in the city.
  • Fifthly: The Distinctive Compounds in October
    6 October properties suit various classes as an example, if you’re searching for villas with vast expanses, you’ll find it in Cleopatra Square compound which is located in Al-mehwar, but if you’re in the beginning of your life and looking for an apartment in 6 October with suitable space, then Ashgar City compound which is located in Hadayek October will provide you with what you need. Also, Zayed Dunes compound is considered as one of the most beautiful compounds in Zayed city.


If you’re living in 6 October city you’ll never need to search for any service, grocery, or any entertainment method out of the city as everything you may need is around you.