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Why there is not a Buyer for My Property?

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The process of buying or selling property is one of the processes that all of us pass by. The decision of selling or buying is not that easy at all as it needs time to think well to choose the suitable for you regarding your needs … But, there are lots and lots of frequently asked questions from both sides the seller and the buyer. The seller asks why there aren’t any buyers for his property even if posting online? However, the buyer asks why I do not find any suitable property with the needed requirements?
That’s why, in the following few lines, Mresco will tackle and answer these questions to clear the vision for both sides; the seller and the buyer.

1- What shall the Property Owner do while Marketing his Property?

There are many things that shall be done and followed while announcing a certain property for sale or renting to guarantee that it has been delivered to the right buyer/customer. These steps are:

  • The owner shall know the needs of the customer. Does the buyer search for a low cost, a property for a lifetime without caring about the price, or a property for investment? This is a vital step as it allows you to direct your property to the right buyers,
  • The owner shall provide a detailed right information regarding the property, as transparency is the key,
  • The owner shall provide all means of communication to ease the communication with the customer.

2-What does the buyer Search for?

The decision of buying or renting a property is an easy task at all. That’s why, the property owner shall know what the customer search for and this can be summarized as follow:

  • A good price in compare to the other properties. That’s why, the owner shall not exaggerate in evaluating the price of the property as the customer always makes comparisons,
  • A detailed description shall be provided concerning the location, the size, the available services, images, being furnished or not, and any other details to help the customer to know more about the property.


Both the owner and the customer have two different points of view. So, it is vital that each part shall know the needs and the requirements of the other part to gain profit for both of them.