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ZamZam Water

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Five thousand years ago, Hajar (Prophet Ismail’s mother) was searching about some water for her baby; she went back and forth between Safaa and Marwa mountains and after 7 times, God made baby Ismail the reason of ZamZam well, about which Prophet Muhammad said it’s the clearest on the earth. Many studies were made about this water, to prove that it’s a miracle.

By studying the geology of Mecca, they found that it is built on igneous metamorphic rocks which have no pores, but science said that water should flow in pores in rocks. ZamZam’s source was not discovered until drilling tunnels around Mecca, as engineers found some small cracks in the rocks, extend to thousands kilometers, and scientists explain this according to what prophet Muhammad said that Gberil hit the land with his wing, so those cracks formatted out of this. Water flows through those cracks where it takes a lot of useful minerals from the rocks, which are useful for human, health.

Not only this, but it was proved that ZamZam water has greate percentage of energy, and some drops of Zamzam can transfer its characteristics to thousands drops of ordinary water. Moreover many cases were cured by zamzam, maybe it’s not scientific but science is hapless in front of God’s miracles.


Zamzam’s miracle proved itself a day after day, through many accurate scientific research not only by Muslims researchers but not Muslims too.