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Department:  Web Development
Education:  Bachelors Degree in Computer Sciences
Experience:  1-2 Years Experience
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Job Description

  • Developing ActionScript, displaying objects using Starling and Feathers UI.
  • Build and test automation through ActionScript
  • Testing the app on various iPads/iPhones/Android/Windows devices
  • Implement Native Extensions and write the ActionScript interfaces to communicate with native code
  • Lead end-to-end deployment process including Android signed certificates, and distributed builds
  • Develop and extend processes for feeding data from a variety of sources into the widgets
  • Provide input on important technical and product issues as they arise
  • Translate business problems into workable solutions

Required Skills

  • Solid experience with Action script 3
  • Audio and Video application experience
  • Comprehension of and experience with design patterns
  • Familiarity with OOP concepts, design patterns and Flash applications
  • Experience using version control repositories (SVN), Starling or Feathers UI Experience
  • Hands on development methodologies: code reusability, source control, bug tracking, API documentation
  • Expert in working with projects using a mixture of Flex, Flash, and modular development (flex modules/external swf files)