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Group CEO’s Message

I am extremely pleased to welcome you in the official website of the Murabahat Real Estate Solutions Company. Since our inception, we as a team, work constantly endeavoring and sparing no efforts for the innovation of new real estate solutions, which stand to us as a source of pride.


I sincerely believe in the field of hospitality; each customer is considered highly distinguished guest. When you are one of Murabahat clients, we are deeply keen and eager to provide you with the most secured and best quality standard of service possible.


This website is designed as a frontier portal through which you can identify and become familiar to our several services and projects.


Through this website, you will become updated to all our most recent projects and plans. For any further information or inquiries regarding our projects and services, you can write to us or call any of our personnel at the telephone numbers shown on contacts page.


Meanwhile, all general remarks, suggestions or complaints are welcomed and be highly considered and appreciated. Bearing in mind that the data of this website is constantly under update, so keep in touch with us.


On the other hand, if you have any suggestions that contribute in facilitating the use of this website, please do not hesitate to provide them.

The mission of Murabahat is represented in the improve and upgrade the quality and standard of the tourism industry in the GCC and Middle East countries through the development and introduction of distinctive projects and services with profitable return and being consistent with the glorious Islamic provisions and principles.


Thanking you for your kind attention and support. Hoping that you find this website beneficial and informative.

Once again, we express our gratitude for your visit. In the meantime, your ideas, comments and suggestions will be highly welcomed , considered and appreciated.


Mohammed Kahil
Group CEO