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ACTIVA Enterprise




ACTIVA Enterprise is a customer relationship management solution that provides the capabilities needed to connect marketing, sales, finance and customer support teams to better sales opportunities; ultimately a better perspective of the market.

Solution Capabilities

Sales Automation


• Effectively process reservation orders and contracts

• Advanced management of contacts, prospects and customers with their interests and opportunities

• Avoid conflict of interest scenarios with advanced Contacts affiliation management.

• Sales Force management with visibility on their daily activities.

• Manage commissions and incentives.

Marketing Automation


• Develop, target, implement campaigns and analyze results

• Manage and analyze promotions and budgets

• Analyze lack of Interest factors

• Define and address prospects future interests

• Monitor inventory movement

• Competitors analysis

Customer Care


• Real Time Transactions (Cancellations, Upgrade, Ownership Transfers and Reselling)

• Capture and track every interaction with every customer

• Streamline business service processes

• Contact Center Integration

Credit and Collection


• Design Payment Schedules and link them to promotions for direct sales and brokers

• Customize Payment Schedules in Real Time

• Streamline business service processes

• Register collections and refunds in multi-currencies

• Exchange Rates Control

Product Options

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• 360-degree client view
• Ability to design and implement business processes for direct sales and brokers independently
• Multi Project, Country, Currency, and Agency
• Familiar and easy to use Interface and navigation options
• Scalable Solutions can be implemented for SMB and Large Enterprises
• Microsoft Office support (Word, Excel and Outlook)
• Advanced KPI’s and RPI’s
• Personalization
• Drag and drop options
• Customizable Dashboard and Analytical Reporting
• Ready to Integrate with ERP, EDMS and Contact Center Platforms

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