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A workflow is a sequence of steps where each step is connected. Organizations use workflows in their day-to-day activities to handle multiple processes. Everywhere a process needs to be followed and automated workflows are used.


E-workflow is a business solution to create, manage and monitor real-life business processes. It can be easily integrated with a myriad of other business solutions to build a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets, facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making.



• Unify Business Processes across the Enterprise
• Increase Visibility for Better Decision Making
• Extend Processes to Customers, Suppliers, and Partners
• Customize and scale to fit different business sizes and industry specifications.
• Ability to customize with CSS and create custom workflows.
• The graphical interface and the ‘drag and drop design’ ultimately increases the likelihood that they will be embraced quickly.
• Allows connecting to web services, CRM, Excel services, BCS, LDAP, active directory, XML, and BizTalk. Moreover, the best thing about these integrations is that they require no code, thus allowing any of the users to incorporate them easily into workflows.
• Comprehensive workflow actions drastically speeds up the process of building workflows.
• Supports the cloud.
• Workflow guarantees a “No Data Loss” policy. It uses its own SQL database that stores a complete history of Workflow Actions.
• Mobile capabilities making workflows available everywhere is a great pull for organizations.
• It reduces the effort in debugging and troubleshooting through explicit log messages, and the ability to easily disable specific workflow actions / branches.
• User friendly actions for State machine multi-level approval, Lazy Approval (reply to approvals via email), Workflow visualizations, scheduled workflowsa and delegation which makes the program very appealing.
• Superior Value with an Affordable Solution.



• Multilingual (English, Arabic & Many More)
• Graphically Design, Deploy And Manage Business Processes
• Analytics feature for insights and decision making
• Scripting Capabilities
• Integration With Microsoft InfoPath Form Designer
• Active Directory Integration
• Supports digital signature
• XML Based System Components

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