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FORESITE is an innovative graphically rich aid for sales employers to present and show the attractiveness of your projects or products. It adds value by offering an all-in-one package capable of attractive demonstration and reservation.
FORESITE overcomes customers’ uncertainty and boosts sales staff's confidence by providing rich interactive representations of projects’ 3D layouts, land plots, and interior views.

Solution Capabilities

Multi Project Support


• Project specific virtual 3D maps, land plots, and interior views

• Unit specific photographs

Rich Graphical Interface


• Interactive virtual maps

• 3D animations

• Real life pictures

• Plots

Streamlined with ACTIVA Enterprise


• Updated inventory pricing and availability information

• Ability to place reservations offline

Product Options

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• Highly interactive sales support tool for real estate projects

• Balance of form and function

• Standardized framework with flexibility in different projects adaptation

• Rich and attractive graphical interface

• XML based solutions

• Intelligent visibility of Inventory status update

• Streamlined with ACTIVA Enterprise Solution

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