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Every day you face the challenge of integrating faxes, e-mails, and paper-based documents into your business processes.


The problem is while faxes and e-mails are easy for your customers and trading partners to send – the information they contain can be difficult for you process. This is especially true when the information arrives in many different formats and quality levels. Often, this data must be manually rekeyed into your systems by your staff - creating human errors, extra work cycles, processing delays, customer service issues, and cost overruns. iCAP meets the needs of the contemporary business world.


Our software “iCAP” gives users wide range of vital tools permitting them to capture, process, and organize a broad variety of documents.



• A document capture solution speeds processing paper and electronic documents while providing consistent rules for indexing and delivering them to corporate repositories and applications. This enables you to speed up enterprise document management and get back to customers much quicker.
• A document capture solution saves money since you can take on more documents using fewer resources.
• A document capture solution gives you better control and more transparency since data capture and imaging allows you to find all information in digital format. This improves your business processes and enterprise document management and also helps you comply with legislation.
• Advanced recognition technologies with industry leading extraction rates can capture all types of text including machine print, hand print and cursive handwriting in more than 140 languages. This leads to massive improvement in data accuracy.
• Capture from any source in any location with flexible, highly extendable and enterprise proven capabilities for both centralized and distributed processes.
• iCAP can be trained rapidly to understand unique document types using learn-by-example technology for classification, separation and extraction.



• Capture documents that are attachments from faxes and e-mails
• Unlimited capturing capacity
• Separate groups of documents (batches)
• Recognize and classify documents
• Extract data and Approve them
• Share intelligence

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