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Document management solution is designed for businesses coping with the modern business practices and technology. It is a social contribution initiative of businesses to protect the environment by minimizing the use of paper throughout their business cycles.


iDOX Soft simply makes lives easier by capturing documents, archiving them with user-defined indexes, and retrieving them by searching indexes or the content of a document. It does even go beyond that in terms of processing documents when integrated to a workflow solution. This is simply why these businesses will have enormous opportunity to optimize their business processes in order to improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability.



• Enforce reliable file organization and optimize their internal processes.
• Any organization can significantly improve its bottom line with easy and affordable document management. This is without the slightest change in peoples’ daily work routines, or needing a lengthy costly implementation.
• Eliminates roughly $50,000 in costs of physical storage, staff time, supplies, and repeat work per year for an average department with 10 employees. It also enables employees to do more in less time.
• Non-quantifiable benefits:
o secure access through permission controls, data loss prevention, mobile access, and Automatic backup.

Converting documents to an electronic format provides a more compact means of:


• Storage.
• Recover automatic backups of digital content to protect against accidental data loss.
• universal access for retrieval.
• Higher levels of data security and privacy.
• Quicker access to greater command over business information.
• Retrieve the correct document out of myriad of items throughout the company within seconds.
• Access up-to-date file changes while working from home or on the road.
• Prevent overwritten changes, misfiled items, and confusion over file versions.
• Share information confidentially with other employees, partners, and customers.

Can be an effective solution to several common problems such as:


• Paper and electronic records spread among geographically dispersed locations
• Security breaches of paper documents or electronic files
• Inconsistent processes resulting in cluttered folders, misplaced files, or confusion between versions
• Overwritten revisions on documents generated by several collaborators
• Lags or bottlenecks in procedural workflow.



• Desktop application and web-based solution
• Scalable to fit different business scales and needs
• Multilanguage support
• e-signature functionality
• Easy setup and implementation
• Deployment with minimal requirements
• Ability to import existing data
• Dynamic views and ability to create identities for documents with metadata and virtual folders
• Multiple formats for archiving and backup
• Functionality to publish and share information
• Security and encryption of data.
• Ability to be integrated with varied current systems in place either in terms of interface or backend.
• Document Versioning
• Document Annotations
• Document Routing
• Zone OCR
• Zone Barcode
• Scanner Sharing
• Image Editing
• Image Enhancement
• Content Indexing and full text search
• Email and Fax Archiving
• Productivity Reports
• ISIS Scanner Support
• Active Directory integration
• Oracle Database Support
• Internal Email System
• Advance Security
• Outlook & MS Office Support
• Advanced Audit Trail
• Integrated WORKFLOW System
• WORKFLOW Process Designer
• Web Form Builder
• Workflow Integration with DMS
• Workflow Designer
• Workflow Engine

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