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The role of Matrixel ERP solution is to give your people access to the right information at the right time. Your people can get their hands on data specific to their day-to-day jobs and can be more productive. The rich graphical user interface will enrich productivity of your people for future growth and experience, hence generate efficient results.

Key Benefits:

o Gain a complete Picture of your workforce
o Empower Business leaders through self-service.
o Take action at the point of decision.
o Understand your entire Budget
o Easily configure your specific business needs

Matrixel HRMS Core Components

• Human Resource Management

o Employee Life Cycle Management
o Organization Management
o Compensation Management
o Absence Management
o Benefits Administration

• Talent Management

o Onboarding
o Goal Management
o Performance Management
o Succession Planning
o Career Development
• Recruitment Management
• Payroll Management Solution

إدارة الموارد البشرية

Matrixel HRMS is designed to help you organize, staff and pay your workforce. With modern, intuitive self-service capabilities users and administrators can both get the information they need about their jobs and organizations.


Employee Life Cycle Management
Matrixel HRMS Workforce Lifecycle Management provides a centralized and comprehensive solution to manage your entire global workforce.


Organization Management
Matrixel HRMS Organization Management enables you to accurately model and analyze your workforce by organizational dimensions.


Compensation Management [Motivate, Reward and Retain]
Matrixel HRMS Compensation Management enables you to design, manage, and adjust compensation programs to meet your complex rewards requirements.


Absence Management
With Matrixel HRMS Absence Management, manage your organization's time-off and absence policies through automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service. Better track and report time-off requests, balances, and accruals in real-time with seamless unification to Matrixel HRMS Payroll.


Benefits Management
Matrixel HRMS Benefits Administration gives you the tools to define, manage and adjust benefits plans to meet your unique business requirements.


Matrixel HRMS Talent Management works seamlessly with Human Resource Management to let you align, assess, pay for performance, and plan your leadership succession, all from a single application.


Matrixel HRMS Onboarding gives you the tools to give a warm welcome to new and pre-hires, increase first-day productivity and streamline administration.


Goal Management
Matrixel HRMS Goal Management helps organizations establish goals for an entire team or organization, cascade goals, and assess the completion of goals for maximum alignment, improved visibility, and increased engagement throughout the organization.


Performance Management
Matrixel HRMS Performance Management allows you to align, assess, and optimize workforce performance without the added burden and cost of a bolt-on talent management solution.


Succession Planning
Matrixel HRMS Succession Planning provides simple and visual tools to help managers build, manage and evaluate succession plans for any important position in their organization.


Career and Development Planning
Matrixel HRMS Career and Development Planning provides workers engaging tools to help them gain insight and grow their careers.


Goal Management
Matrixel HRMS Goal Management helps organizations establish goals for an entire team or organization, cascade goals, assesses the completion of goals or maximum alignments, improves visibility, and increases engagement throughout the organization.

Recruitment Management

Matrixel HRMS Recruiting is an end-to-end talent acquisition application being built to help you find, share, engage, and select the best internal and external candidates for your organization.


With Matrixel HRMS Recruitment, you will be able to:

• Unify workforce planning, sourcing, candidate management (Hiring), and onboarding.
• Enable transparency and collaboration across the entire hiring team.
• Deliver rich headcount and pipeline analytics to help the hiring team find the best talent.
• Matrixel HRMS Recruitment will work the way you work, allowing greater engagement and adoption.
• Matrixel HRMS Recruitment will help organizations achieve true visibility across the entire talent acquisition process, making it easier to acquire the best talent.

Payroll Management Solution

Matrixel HRMS Payroll is designed to address the full spectrum of modern payroll needs, combining control and accuracy with flexibility to support the unique aspects of your organization's specific requirements.


With Matrixel HRMS Payroll, you can:
• Streamline payroll operations and manage the entire payroll for all Employees as per Governmental Labor law of your country.
• Provide time-saving self-service to employees, including online pay slips.
• Create Bank Drafts for transferring employees' salaries to their respective bank accounts.
• All Govt. papers in regards to salary transactions between employees and organization including end of service.


Traditional Payroll provides a hard-coded, out-of-the-box solution that falls short when it's time to calculate exception earnings or retrieve balances for your fiscal year or other unique time periods. Through intuitive self-service and configuration capabilities, Matrixel HRMS Payroll offers the flexibility and efficiency needed to ensure day-to-day and period-to-period payroll activities run smoothly and consistently.

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