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RELIANCE is a Real Estate Inventory Management Solution that provides facilities needed for managing conventional Real Estate and Time Share inventory.

RELIANCE allows you to manage your complete inventory hierarchy including projects, buildings, floors, units and conveniently allocate defined portions of your inventory to different agencies/brokers. Managing suppliers with pools of items according to sales channel, geographically or according to Inventory specifications.

Solution Capabilities


• Real Estate Projects Configuration
• Manage the relations between projects, suppliers, inventory pools and dynamic price lists
• Streamline project’s inventory and pricing with ACTIVA Enterprise
• Inventory Control Automation
• Tool assisted creation of real estate inventory in bulk
• Inventory Reservations, Order placement, processing, and assignment locally or in integration with ACTIVA Enterprise
• Decision-support logic for inventory picking based on reservation requirements
• Safety thresholds for low inventory availability to ensure safe and guaranteed inventory reservations
• Inventory Reporting
• Graphical and tabulated reports to identify inventory status
• Easy Identification of spatial and chronological inventory availability gaps
• Track history of inventory reservations and allocations

Product Options


• Multi project, supplier, currency and pricing
• Support for Hijri calendar
• Support for innovative and Time Share inventory concepts
• Comprehensive inventory pricing features
• Familiar and easy to use interface and Navigation options
• Extensive Microsoft Excel support
• Drag and drop options
• Customizable dashboard and analytical reporting

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