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A degree is not enough to distinguish you from your fellow colleagues!

Murabahat will give you the chance to support your education and create career-oriented learning opportunities.


Add to yourself and your area of experience by joining Murabahat internship program to discover what working in a particular role is like while gaining experience and increasing your skills and knowledge.


What you will learn and obtain?!


• know the kinds of challenges that face organizations.

• Test possible career choices.

• Build professional experience.

• Receive the best training opportunities.

• acquire a great addition to your CV.


With Murabahat internship program, you will be introduced to the essential concepts of how the job is done and you will be provided with a full understanding of the job, qualifications, behaviors, and skills that are necessary for a promising career.

If you are a student or an undergraduate and want to gain clarity on your strengths, weaknesses, and interests.