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Eid Al Adha Promotion

Aquamarine Resort Promotion for Eid Al Adha

Aquamarine is a touring Family resort which are managed by Aquamarine Company for hotels and resorts. That allows the family to spend their holiday in gulf whether in summer or winter.

Aquamarine resorts provide many interesting activities as Cruises, marine sports, and entertaining kids’ garden and Games.

Aquamarine is consisted of 99 touring chalet 31 Villas 68 Chalets, Most of Aquamarine’s chalets overlooking to the gulf’s water, which is also closed to resort management building, pools and another and many facilities.

The Aquamarine resort, including a presence of green spaces and trees, as characterized by an atmosphere of calm and romantic atmosphere of the night, especially at night.

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 Aquamarine Resort

·       25% Special discount on Cash Payments

·       15% Special discount on Installment Payments

·       Installments up to 36-months (3 Years) with 30% Down Payment

·       This promotion is valid on:

o   A 17 year Sokouk Tabadul for Aquamarine Resort

o   All kinds of Chalets and Villas

o   Available all seasons

·       This offer is only available in the Holy month of Ramadan in 2015

·       This offer is not valid with other offers


For more information

·       Please call 22322233 or 96962069

·       Terms and conditions apply