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Murabahat Real Estate Solutions Company is a leading provider of specialized real estate solutions, products, tools and services based on Islamic Sharia legislation in the Middle East. Murabahat is located in Kuwait (headquarter), UAE, KSA, Egypt and Turkey. Murabahat’s mission is to share innovated real estate products and services for its customers better living. Therefore, Murabahat follows the strategy of providing regional sales & marketing services for real estate investors/developers and building trust with customers by providing trusted and professional added value services. Murabahat Real Estate Solutions customer segments are: Arabs specifically and Muslims in general which are 1,5 billion. Its current prospects reaches to more than 100,000 and have successfully added more than 14,000 to its customers database. Because of Murabahat Real Estate Solutions investment creativity vision, Murabahat managed to add a new prespective of these tools, services and products inspiring from the Islamic religion. In order to extend these tools appliance area, we have taken the concept of time shares and redesigned it to suit the Islamic religion by detaining it as a title of ownership or deed to a unit or real estate property that entitles its owner to take advantage of the given residential unit for specific number of years and for a specific period of time during the year. Now, Murabahat is applying different types of projects for its customers. The first one under the religious tourism which is Hajar Tower (Makkah – KSA) and second one under the family tourism which is Sharm Lagoon (Sharm El-Sheikh – Egypt). Throughout these projects and future ones, Murabahat also created an integrated unique exchange system which has been introduced to the real estate market for the first time combining all possible pros and cons for the customers statisfaction, this system is named “Tabadul Exchange System”.