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Aquamarine Resort - Kuwait

Aquamarine is a tourist Family resort that offers the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends every year in a pleasant and charming weather in both the summer and winter.

It is managed by Aquamarine Company for hotels and resorts.

The resort provides many interesting activities such as cruises, marine sports, and kids’ entertainment.



The Aquamarine resort, includes a presence of green spaces and trees, as characterized by a calm and romantic atmosphere of the night.


Aquamarine is consisted of a group of chalets which are raised through instruments of international tourism Tabadul system, which gives the customer the right to use a period for 18 years and take advantage of other flexible Tabadul system services.


Its diversified units and facilities distinctly focus on the privacy factor that is required and needed by the traditional conservative Kuwaiti/gulf family. Whether it comes to private chalets or ladies and family swimming pools, both of which are available allowing families to spend a relaxing vacation.




Aquamarine resort is located in Nuwaiseeb, Block 3, street 298, Al Ahmadi Governorate, and it is about 140 km from Kuwait City.

The resort area is 34,089 m² and all Aquamarine’s chalets overlook the sea and its soft golden sand.


Facilities and Services


• Swimming pools.

• Ladies swimming pool.

• Indoor kids playing area.

• Water games and other various activities.

• Restaurants with a diverse array of cuisines.

• Mini Market.

• Car parking.

• Security system.

• The resort is located directly on the clear blue sea and its soft golden shore. Being away from the sea rocks, Aquamarine allows many marine activities and sports to be practiced easily and safely.




Total of 99 units, 68 Chalets of 3 bedrooms, 31 villas of 3 and 4 bedrooms, consist of Master bedrooms, bedrooms, maid’s room and external driver’s room. All units are overlooking the sea.


• Units’ sizes range between 118 m² and 251 m².

• Units are completely furnished and necessities are included.


Payment Options


• Rates depend on season and date of booking

Aquamarine Resort units

Masah Villa

Price: Starts from 5,900 KWD

Opal Villa

Price: Starts from 4,750 KWD

Danah Villa

Price: Starts from 4,750 KWD

sapphire Chalet

Price: Starts from 2,800 KWD

Kunzite Chalet

Price: Starts from 1,950 KWD

Turquoise Chalet

Price: Starts from 2,750 KWD

Lazurd Villa

Price: Starts from 4,600 KWD

Emerald Villa

Price: Starts from 5,300 KWD

Ruby Villa

Price: Starts from 7,250 KWD