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Aydos Country
Aydos Country
Aydos Country
Aydos Country
Aydos Country
Aydos Country

Aydos Country - Turkey

The most natural project of the Anatolian side


A new life awaits you closely intertwined with nature at Sancaktepe, one of the favorite regions in Istanbul and neighbour to Aydos Woods, in Aydos Country.


Right after you leave your house, you will enter the Aydos Woods through a pathway with lush trees. You hear birds chirping, see rabbits, squirrels, ducks and the residents of the Aydos Aydos Woods while walking.

You make a stop at a dreamlike lake, inhale the fresh and oxygen-rich air and take a little break from your walk at the lakeshore.

Are you too dreaming of a life like this?
This nature life in now possible at the Anatolian Side of İstanbul in Aydos Country.


The address of healthy life: Aydos Country


Negative ions are used for treatment for 75 years in the world and are found 150 times more in Aydos Country than in a home in the city center…This means higher body resistance, less stress and a more energetic and longer life in Aydos Country.


The architecture of Aydos Country is inspired by the colors of nature and you will fall in love with the stone and wood looking facades, spacious balconies and special decoration in country style.




Aydos Country is in great proximity to hospitals, malls and the TEM.
Right next to E-5 access roads.
Only 10 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport
Neighbor to Ataşehir and Kartal.
Located right next to the VeyselKarani stop of the new planned metro line and only 5 minutes away from the Sancaktepe stop.


Facilities and Services :


Special privileges for you in Aydos Country

• Indoor swimming pool

• Children Playground

• Fitness & wellness Club

• Sports Fields




Aydos Country lies with its 4 different neighborhoods and suitable living options for everyone on the highest hill of Istanbul; Aydos.

• Area: 50,100 m²

• Number of Residences: 900


Payment Options:

• Special promotion until June 30, 2015:

o 10% Launch Discount
o Additional 15% Discount on Full Cash Payment.

• Price starts with 79,500 USD (during the promotion period)

• Easy payment options are available.

Aydos Country

Aydos Country units

3+1 Garden "G"

3+1 حديقة

3+1 Garden "E"

3+1 حديقة

3+1 Garden "D"

3+1 حديقة

3+1 Garden "C"

2+1 حديقة

2+1 Garden "B"

2+1- Garden "A"

2+1 الطابق الأول

2+1 - 1st Floor