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Bursa Modern
Bursa Modern
Bursa Modern
Bursa Modern

Bursa Modern - Turkey

Bursa Modern represents the 21.Century of Bursa


Bursa the city with its natural and fertile properties being a witness to the history dating back to the first traces of civilizations, lived under the Ottoman sovereignty for 600 years and now the history recurs. A project befitting to the history has been build in Bursa that served as a capital town for this magnificent empire. Today a unique value is fused into the assets inherited by the rich architecture of the past, to create a new heritage for the future originating from the 21st century.


Thanks to Bursa Modern designed by Sinpaş GYO through integrally restudying the traditional Ottoman composition and today's modernist concept, Bursa becomes the junction of civilizations again.


Designed to be constructed on an area of around 232,000 sqm, Bursa Modern has already been build to be the new centre of attraction for the city. Safe and secure modern infrastructure, landscape crowned with artificial ponds, prestigious houses, indoor & outdoor parking, city square, sports complexes, fitness club, pools and many amenities appealing to all ages.




Bursa Modern is located in Bursa-Demirtaş, only 10 minutes from downtown. The project is the largest residential project ( 2016 residences in total ) implemented in the city. The project has a rich water landscape thanks to a 26,000 m2 artificial lake.


Facilities and Services :


• Outdoor and indoor swimming pools

• Football Pitch

• Basketball Pitch

• Tennis Court

• Squash Pitch

• Beach Volley Field

• Outdoor Fitness areas

• Mini Golf,

• Running Track

• Cycling Track

• Climbing Wall

• Skateboarding floor

• Health Club

• Turkish bath

• Sauna

• Mosque




The beautiful view and the privacy of the hills meeting with the water, encloses living areas of various sizes in Bursa Modern. With different housing alternatives, Bursa Modern offers a rich choice of living in the city of history.


Payment Options:

• Start From 62,000  USD

• Easy payment options are available.

• Special discount on cash payment.

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