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Cleopatra Square - Egypt

A luxury resort in Egypt’s Silicon Valley. Enter Cleopatra Square through a giant arch representing an opening towards the future, a bridge to modernity, a travel to new frontiers of living. Find yourself in a green oasis of elegance, comfort and modernity, created by a harmonic play of two millenarians’ cultures, the Egyptian and the Italian one. Located in the heart of 6 October, Cleopatra Square has the most up to date modern design that will give you unmatched luxury and comfort.

Beautiful, natural surroundings and unparalleled view into the ancient desert access to the most luxury retail and entertainment facilities.



•    The project is located in Sheikh Zayed City, 15 minutes drive from Lebanon Square.
•    30 minutes drive from the heart of a buzzing metropolis: Cairo extremely clean air
•    Beautiful natural surroundings and unparalleled hillside view
•    Access to the most luxury retail and entertainment facilities
•    5 minutes from Cleopatra mall (the new retail and entertainment destination in Egypt) designed by world renown architecture company design international

6 October :

A city that today is leading the way in the business world of Cairo and a showcase of the city’s intent to reshape its urban landscape. While remaining true to its rich history, 6 October is at the forefront of Cairo’s progressive urban development. Cleopatra square is located in the heart of 6 October.


Facilities and Services :

•    Communal park running elegantly between the villas, including central garden area around lake with plaza, pergola café and restaurant
•    Children’s and sports’ areas
•    Clubhouse with outdoor and indoor swimming pool, wellness center and entertainment facilities
•    private garages
•    Administrative office, workshop and maintenance  facilities
•    Car wash spaces in the compound
•    Pool connection facility installed in each villa
•    Dedicated, enclosed garbage points away from villas
•    Fastest fiber optical internet connection in Egypt
•    Centralized Satellite connection for all villas
•    Option to personalize each villa to suit owners particular needs



It consists of 117 plots allocated for 8 types of high class residential villas (ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and roof terrace)
•    Jasmine Villas: 4 bedrooms
•    Tulip Villas: 5 bedrooms
•    Dahlia Villas: 4 bedrooms
•    Lila Villas: 4 bedrooms
•    Orchid Villas: 4 bedrooms
•    Rose Villas: 5 bedrooms
•    Daisy Villas: 9 bedrooms
•    Iris Villas: 4 bedrooms


• after 1 year

Cleopatra Square units