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Galleria Moon Valley - Egypt

Galleria Moon Valley is a compound that appreciates art and celebrates artists guaranteed to overwhelm your senses. Anticipated to change the concept of real estate in Egypt and the region, Galleria Moon Valley is a staggering 71 acres with 82% of beautiful landscape and greenery where the grey city is replaced by the green land and noise by delightful calm.

Elevated at 330 meter from sea level to allow you to breathe pure clean air, not only will you have a heavenly experience with the greenery and meticulously designed landscaping, but you will also be inspired everyday by that artistic perspective.

Moving to Galleria Moon Valley will enable you to live in a community that breathes art and creativity.

Galleria Moon Valley is where you regain your relaxation and privacy away from the busy capital Cairo.



•   The project is located in New Cairo, the location of the project has been carefully chosen in the heart of New Cairo, about 4 km from the American University and next to Katamia Dunes, Mivida Emaar, Katamia Palm Hills, Cairo Club. And it’s few minutes away from the 90th Street and to the airport.

•   Galleria moon Valley is about 330 meters above sea level.


Facilities and Services :

• Shopping mall including so many activities and services
• Social club, Gym, Walking track around the entire project with seating areas, Tennis courts, Spa, Mini Cinema (a private movie theatre can be rented)
• Green spaces, landscapes and wide internal streets (82% of the total area)
• Music Academy
• Art Gallery
• Electricity using solar system
• E-Compound services: fiber optic service used in high speed internet technologies (internal telephone service + central satellite service + surveillance cameras service + 24-hour security and guarding service)
• Specialized maintenance team, garbage disposal holes available in all buildings, elevators serving from the basement to the top floor, parking spaces
• The facades of the buildings are mostly stones and glass walls, with great works of art at the lowest possible maintenance cost
• Interior designs for apartments are carefully chosen to provide the best use of spaces
• Stores in the basement in each building



• The project is built on 71 acres, it consists of a group of buildings; each building is composed of residential apartments allocated on several floors (ground floor with garden, 2 typical • floors, third floor on the roof/pent house).

• Areas range from 122 m2 to 450 m2, with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, and duplex alternatives.


• From 1 and 4 years

Galleria Moon Valley units