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Green Life Thermal
Green Life Thermal
Green Life Thermal

Green Life Thermal - Turkey

Green Life Thermal was developed by Kudu Insaat in Thermal Yalova; The project includes 40 apartments within the highest standards. The project is located just two minutes from the thermal water sights.

Yalova has been extensively developed to be taken from antiquity to a large tourist resort dating back to 1929, when the Ataturk Palace was built in Thermal, then many of Yalova's palaces were built there. Thermal is one of the wonders places that is difficult to find the same all over the world, and this is due to its  natural green forests, its historic value and its water sources that are useful for human healing.


Thermal district of Yalova; Yalova is an important holiday center and investment spot for many European and Arab tourists with its historical texture and modern constructions.

•    40 minutes from Istanbul via Osman Ghazi bridge.
•    2 minutes from the thermal water sights
•    5 minutes from the waterfalls.
•    15 minutes from Yalova city center.


•    1+1        78 - 79 sqm
•    2+1        93 - 110 sqm
•    2+1 Duplex    131 - 155 sqm
•    3+1 Duplex    163 - 236 sqm
•    4+1 Duplex    196 sqm

Facilities & services

•    All bathrooms contain thermal water from their sources
•    Lobby
•    Turkish Bath
•    Sauna
•    Gym
•    Children’s  Playground
•    Security 24 /24
•    Parking

Payment Options:

•   Price starting from 69,750 USD

Payment Plans:

•    30% + 12-month
•    40% + 18-month
•    50% + 24-month


Delivery : Ready to Deliver

Cach Discount : 5%

Green Life Thermal units