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Hajar Tower

Hajar Tower - Saudi Arabia

A neighboring you wish to last..

Murabahat Real Estate Solutions Co. (One of Murabahat’s Group Companies) owns a number of luxury hotel suites in Hajar Tower, located within Abraj Al Bait, which are offered through a Legitimate Lease Deed compatible with Islamic Shariaa that demonstrates the owner's right to use a specific unit for a certain period of the year and for a number of years, with flexibility in use in terms of replacement, transfer or dedication of periods.

The Legitimate Lease Deed at Hajar Tower offers the opportunity to stay annually and for 16 years at a five-star hotel in the heart of Makkah, with suites that have unique views of the Holy Mosque, providing a great deal of over 80% of the cost of living there.

Hajar Tower Saudi Arabia
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hajar tower
hajar tower
hajar tower
hajar tower
hajar tower
hajar tower



Hajar Tower is located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and is part of the Abraj Al Bait - King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project, just steps away from the King Abdul Aziz Gate, and  in direct contact with the Holy Mosque.

Facilities and Services :


•    Five-star hotel services.
•    Shopping center including the most world-famous brands.
•    Restaurants and coffee shops that cater all tastes.
•    24-Hours medical services.
•    Health club.
•    Nursery.
•    Business center.
•    Luxurious halls for all events


Rooms and Suites:


The hotel suites in Hajar Tower are of various sizes that suit all needs with Kaaba and Haram Views, and are designed according to the highest standards  with  luxurious oriental touches.


Payment Options:


• Easy payment options are available up to 24 months.

• Special discount on cash payment.

Hajar Tower units



Price: Starts from 7,110 KWD



Price: Starts from 2,430 KWD


Royal Suite

Price: Starts from 7,370 KWD


Premier suite

Price: Starts from 5,270 KWD

HT Floor Plan

HT Floor Plan

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