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Istanbul Saraylari
Istanbul Saraylari
Istanbul Saraylari
Istanbul Saraylari

Istanbul Saraylari - Turkey

Inspired by the palaces of Istanbul, which reigned over the city for hundreds of years, and their neighborhoods, Istanbul Palaces were interpreted with special landscaping and modern architecture. Districts such as Çırağan, Yıldız and Dolmabahçe on the south and Fetihpaşa and Sultantepe woods, Kuzguncuk and Paşalimanı on the north which housed the most important palaces, summer palaces and manors, became the sources of inspiration for Istanbul Sarayları.


When we look at the buildings constructed throughout the history we see that the palaces are the most precious architectural arts ever built. The palaces built on the most beautiful areas of Istanbul are no just living areas but also represent the characteristics of their inhabitants. In Istanbul Sarayları, you will once again witness this palatial lifestyle that reaches back hundreds of years in its most modern form.




Istanbul Sarayları, which developed by Sinpaş GYO, located at Istanbul’s Küçükçekmece-Halkalı district the Bosphorus City project falls South of Ataturk Olympic Stadium, North of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport and West of Küçükçekmece Lake. The region offering fully developed technical infrastructure offers easy access with its proximity to TEM highway and other link routes.


Facilities and Services :


• Outdoor and indoor swimming pools

• Football Pitch

• Basketball Pitch

• Tennis Court

• Squash Pitch

• Beach Volley Field

• Outdoor Fitness areas

• Mini Golf,

• Running Track

• Cycling Track

• Climbing Wall

• Skateboarding floor

• Health Club

• Turkish bath

• Sauna

• Mosque




The beautiful view and the privacy of the hills meeting with the water, enclosed living areas of various sizes in Istanbul Saraylari. With 51 different housing alternatives, Istanbul Saraylari offers a rich choice of living in the city.


Payment Options:

• Start from   93,000  USD

• Easy payment options are available.

• Special discount on cash payment.


Istanbul Saraylari units