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The Lake view residence (phaseIII) - Egypt

What is better than getting a 5 star luxury experience on a regular basis, you will find that at The LakeView Residence, where the place is built to cater to your needs and organized for your convenience, keeping your well-being and safety in mind, Every building has luxurious lobbies with 24/7 Concierge service.

A beautifully designed modern homes, spacious with plenty of sunlight, overlooking a green landscape and a lake.



The Lakeview residence is located in the heart of New Cairo, situated far from Down Town Cairo’s over populated and busy streets but having the advantages and amenities of a metropolitan district.

The project is located 15 minutes away from Cairo international Airport, close to all international schools and universities who have moved their campuses (Five minutes away from the American University), seeking a better environment for students, hospitals, clinics, malls, clubs, etc.

The project is close to the Palm Hills compound, the Vellet-Sodic compound, and just behind Mivida.


Facilities and Services :

•    A lake surrounds the entire project
•    Health club
•    Shopping mall, with all sorts of entertainments for all ages, dining and shopping
•    Retail mall entry: residents get a controlled entrance and exit to the mall from within the compound
•    2 residential entries to the compound
•    Running tracks
•    Landscape area
•    Concierge 24/7



•    The project is built on 77 acres; buildings are built up on 22% of the total area.
•    Each building consists of 5 floors: ground floor with garden, 3 repeated floors, and the roof (Penthouse)
The units’ areas start from 142 meters to 172 meters.
•    Alter Modern glass is used to allow enjoying the views of the green spaces and lakes.
•    The project is designed by ISV Architects.
•    All units overlooking the green landscape and the lakes.


•  after 4 years from signing the contract

The Lake view residence (phaseIII) units