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Nesma - Saudi Arabia

Nesma Residential Project is the first freehold project in Taif, Its total area is more than 34,000 m2, it consists of 177 units divided between apartments, twin, town and stand alone villas, with great services and 24-hour security service.

The services’ building features a special floor for women and another one for men, each floor includes an indoor swimming pool, fully equipped health club and a garden. In addition to kid’s playroom and playground on the roof. Beside that the project has a wonderful view of the city of Taif.

The Sokouk (title deeds) for the project are electronic, to keep the customers in the safe side.



•    15 minutes away from Miqat Wadi Muharram (Al-Hada)
•    5 minutes away from Al-Radf Park (the newest park in Taif, opened in 2015 with an area of more than 1 million m2).
•    10 minutes away from an entertainment city in King Fahd Park
•    15 minutes away from the Oval Tower (the tallest tower in the city of Taif, including a revolving restaurant with charming city views, & an indoor ski lounge and games for children of all ages.  It also has the newly opened Mall (Juri), one of the most spectacular malls with a variety of shops.
•    20 minutes away from the seasonal fruit market.


Taif :

Taif is one of the closest cities to the city of Makkah, where it is about 92 km away. It also has an international airport, where there are regular flights from and to Kuwait and UAE.

Taif is characterized by its beautiful atmosphere throughout the year, and that is due to its height above the sea level is from 1700 to 2500 meters.

It also includes a range of markets, malls with integrated services.


Facilities and Services :

- Services for women:
•    Indoor pool
•    Lounge
•    Fully equipped health club
•    Changing room

- Services for men:
•    Indoor pool
•    Lounge
•    Canteen or mini market
•    Fully equipped health club
•    Changing room

- Public services:
•    Children’s playground
•    Security
•    Car parking
•    Walking trails

•    The project consists of 177 residential units, (apartments, twin-Town-stand alone villas).
•    The apartments have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms of various sizes, with a private garden for the ground floor apartments and a terrace for the top floor apartments.
•    The twin and town villas have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, garden, balcony, and terrace and laundry room.
•    The Stand alone villas have 6 bedrooms, 6 bath rooms, elevator, garden, balcony, terrace, laundry room and car parking.

• Mid of 2018

Nesma units